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It's amazing. Thank you Sean

Frances Philips

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We cannot thank Sean enough for the huge difference he has made in our home.

Margaret, Mullingar

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I could never repay Sean for what he has done for me.


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In August 2010 I started to get sick with severe headaches and back pain. I went down every road possible to get a cure. Nothing worked and all my tests came back clear. I was told by a friend about Geopathic Stress and that Sean Kelly would be able to help me with it. Within one week Sean came to my house and cleared it of Geopathic Stress. It took a few weeks to work but the change in myself and my family was extraordinary. My headaches cleared.

The main change was my family. My youngest son was twelve and hated school. He would cry every night and day about going to school, and was always sick with ear infections and asthma. All that has stopped. He now loves school, is an extremely happy child and has not been sick since. My older son suffered from nose bleeds and even had the blood vessels in his nose cauterized, which did not stop the bleeding. He also suffered from a hiatus hernia, which he was on meds for. All this stopped completely. My husband also had a lot of chest infections, four to five a year; these have also disappeared.

The atmosphere in the house was always bad, with mood swings and arguments often occurring. Since having the house cleared of Geopathic Stress, the house feels lighter, clearer and happier. Our lives have changed greatly for the better.

Joanne - Kilkenny

Since we moved into our new house just over four years ago we have always had difficulty getting a good nights sleep. My husband never once slept through the night and never felt rested the next day. Our eldest daughter was just a baby when we moved in and literally never slept a night through either. She cried constantly through the night as a baby, and even when she was 2 and moved into her own room, she still didn't sleep, was constantly uneasy and getting up for a toilet break frequently.

Sean called to our house and tested it for Geopathic Stress and energy lines and found both in our bedroom and the kids bedroom. The very night that Sean did work on our house our eldest child slept through the night for the first time ever and has been sleeping soundly ever since. It was amazing that we had instantaneous results. My husband has been sleeping much better and now feels refreshed each morning. Our youngest child was having language delays and since Sean did work on our house new words are coming on a daily basis. I have no doubt that eliminating the Geopathic Stress lines in the house is the reason for this too.

I definitely think everyone should have their house checked and cleared of Geopathic Stress as it can have life changing results as it has done for us. I have no hesitation in recommending Sean. He explained everything he was doing in simple language and was great to ring us a few times afterwards to see how everything was going for us.

Ann - Kilkenny

For many years I have enjoyed a good healthy life with never much to complain about, apart from the occasional virus or light cold doing the rounds. Little did I know but all that was about to change. Looking back now I can almost put a date on my good luck running out.

In the early 1990's I met my now wife and moved into Waterford city, having lived all my life on the outskirts. With the move I understood there would be a settling in period and attributed the sleepless nights to just that. My general health seemed to disappear as did that of my wife and fifteen tear old daughter. We all complained of headaches, feeling unwell, and sometimes were even short fused which was out of character. I was concerned at the steady deterioration in my health resulting in regular visits to my doctor. I had all tests he felt I needed done, which thankfully came up clear. Relieved but I was still puzzled as to what could be causing this feeling of unwell I was experiencing.

I remember visiting a friend I hadn't met for some time, he noticed I didn't look too good and asked about my health out of concern. After explaining my campaign trail for better health down through the years, he asked if my house had been checked for Geopathic Stress. To fast forward he put me in touch with Sean Kelly, explaining he had similar complaints, but once Mr. Kelly checked and cleared his house of Geopathic Stress, he could not believe his immediate health improvements.

I had my house checked and cleared. My headaches disappeared and I found I slept right through the night and got up feeling rested. Now every time I meet my friend I thank him so much, but my big "Thank you" goes to Sean Kelly and the wonderful work he does. He gave both me and my family back our normal lives.

Tom - Waterford

Since Sean Kelly cleared our house of geopathic stress, we have noticed a huge difference in our home. My family and I sleep much better. Our home is a calmer place to live in now. I no longer suffer from sore throats. My husband suffered from back pain and had to make regular visits to therapists for physiotherapy and acupuncture.

Since having our house cleared of geopathic stress, he has only attended a physiotherapist once. I would strongly recommend everyone to have their homes tested and cleared of geopathic stress. It has truly made a difference to our wellbeing.

Siobhan - Kilkenny