What to Do

Geopathic stress in a building can lead to a feeling of listlessness and tiredness for people working or sleeping in the affected area. What to do about Geopathic Stress Without intervention this can contribute to the development of long term health problems. So if you have any of the previously mentioned symptoms or your home just does not ‘feel right’ in some area, or if you have noticed an increase in illness or depression since moving into your home or work environment, then you may be effected by geopathic stress. Thankfully, this can be detected and corrected.

Investigators have tried many different instruments, such as geomagnetometers (some very expensive) to detect the presence of geopathic stress, but none have proved consistenyly reliable, accurate or as quick as the HUMAN DOWSER. In skilled hands, dowsing is the best detection method, as it is then possible to detect not only the presence of geopathic stress but also the area of its influence.

We will survey the site (building) to determine if there is geopathic stress present. Any geopathic stress found can then be quantified, avoided, neutralised or diverted using traditional methods. These methods have been successfully used and verified by diviners for centuries.

Think about it - When you buy a flat or house you have the property surveyed in order to find out if there are hidden structural defects, but do you survey the property to see if it has hidden ‘health hazards‘? Every home, office, school should be checked for Geopathic Stress.

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The above information is not intended to replace the advice of a physician.